More Features

For Administrators


Set up more than one terminal (iPad) and they will automatically sync, allowing your visitors to sign in at one terminal and out of another.

Photo Capture

Take a photo of your visitor and view it live in your admin system, it always helps to put a face to a name and adds an extra level of security.

Customisable iPad App

Complete customisation of visitor types, fields, forms, logo.

Visitor Identification Options

  • Print badges on a selected wireless label printer
  • Use existing badges that are numbered
  • Create unique codes

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Create multiple NDA’s and have your visitors sign on the iPad to agree.

Terms and Conditions

Provide your complete Terms and Conditions for all visitors to agree to.

Emergency Evacuation Report

No need to grab the iPad, access your Admin from any internet enabled device and hit the Emergency Evacuation button to see everyone who is onsite.

Run Reports on Your Visitors

You can create your own favourite reports for specific visitor types and date select a date range of when they had visited.

Manage Your iPads From One Account

Have more than one terminal at the one location, within one or more sites… all managed from a single account.

Tiered Administration Levels

Create new admin users to your account and select restriction on what they can and cannot see or do.

Sign Out Visitors Remotely

With the touch of a button you can sign out all visitors from the previous day.

Mandatory Field Option

When creating your forms you can select which fields are mandatory and which ones are not.

Create Your Own User-Friendly Forms

Capture the data you need by building forms using drop downs, checkboxes, radio buttons, headings, section breaks, text boxes… and more.

No More Missing Badges

Print sticky visitor badges and hence not have the expense of replacing lost badges & lanyards.

For Visitors

Registered Visitors

For your regular visitors, create a record for them in your admin that provides them with a unique ID code for quick and easily entry and exit.

QR Code Capabilities

Create your own QR codes (via third party providers) with your Registered Visitors ID code or even your badge numbers for a seamless sign in process.

Self Sign Out

A visitor can securely sign out if the have lost their badge or forgotten their ID code via a secure sign out process.

Finger or Stylus

You can use your finger or stylus to sign terms and conditions or NDA’s.

Wireless Keyboard Compatibility

Use a Bluetooth wireless keyboard with your iPad for typing convenience*.

Tooltips and Place Holder Information

Assist your visitors with these features and enhance the usability and visitor experience when filling out forms.

Visitor Privacy

All visitor information on the iPad can be secured so it will not be displayed for anyone to see.