Collect a visitor’s photo when they sign in

Scenario 1: When using a Visitor Profile PAGE

Most likely the Form will be built with the Visitor Profile PAGE as the first PAGE. Assuming that the visitor signing in already has a Profile, this allows their basic information (First Name, Last Name, phone number etc.) to be pre-filled.

To allow this to happen…

1. Go to your admin Setup page (cog icon).

2. Select Forms.

3. Select Add New Form.

4. Name Your Form (usually the same name as the Visitor Type it is used for).

5. Select the Site, where the Form will be used.

6. Select the Visitor Type(s) the Form will be used with.

With the preliminaries out of the way, we can proceed with building the Form.

7. Add a Visitor Profile PAGE by clicking the blue “+” icon.

8. The Visitor Profile PAGE will appear with the Photo Element placed at the top by default (9). 

If you do not require a visitor photo, it may be disabled (10) or made non-mandatory (11).

Scenario 2: When not using a Visitor Profile PAGE

You may wish to build a Form that is for a Visitor Type that doesn’t involve  Visitor Profiles.

To achieve this, do steps 1-6 in Scenario 1 above.

7. Add a blank page to the Page Preview Pane by clicking the blue “+” icon.

The page will appear. Name the page by clicking on the pencil icon (8).

9. Drag and drop the Visitor Photo Element onto your PAGE.

10. The Visitor Photo Element appears. Whilst it is selected, you may wish to edit the Properties – making it non-mandatory or mandatory (11).

12. Further Elements can be added complete the Form before Saving & Publishing.