Create an admin User

Aside from the Account Owner, additional Users can access the VPass admin at*.

These can be setup with the either of following two levels of access:

  • Super Admin – can perform all features and functions except Account payment details
  • Admin – has access only to the main dashboard (home icon in left hand sidebar) and can run reports, sign visitors in and out and print visitor badges. 

To create an admin… 

1. Go to your Admin Setup page (cog icon).

2. Select Users.

3. On the right hand side, select Add User.

4. A sidebar will come up.

5. Proceed to add the admin person’s photo and details

6. Select their level of access (either Admin or Super Admin).

Complete the process by filling out the persons email address (7) and Sites they will have access to (8).

For the sake a of clarity is it is best to record a user’s email address as all lowercase.

9. Select Create.

10. The new admin user will appear in the listing on the Users page.

Meanwhile a welcome email will be sent to the new user’s inbox (to the address as setup in step 7). In the email is a link (11) where they can create a password.

If the new user can’t find the welcome email, it may have landed in their spam folder. The sender of the welcome email is “” and the subject is “<Organisation Name> has invited you to join their VPass account”.
If the link in the new user’s email has expired, have them go to the login page at* and use the Forgot Password link to repeat the account verification and password creation process.

The link in the new user’s welcome email will take them to the login page where they can create a password (12).

13. Select Create Password

14. The new user will next be taken to the Create Password page where they can enter their credentials.

15. Select Log In. They will now have access to their account.

*Address varies according to region:
Australia & NZ:
UK, EU & South Africa:
US & Rest of World: