The Visitor Management System re-imagined.

A True Contactless sign in is now available for everyone with a Smart Phone. Consequently, this is one of the most secure, private, efficient and cost effective visitor management systems.

Or sign in at a kiosk or QR code badge scan.


The Covid-19 Visitor Sign In System

Safe Contactless Sign Ins

Unlike other sign in systems, the visitor completes the sign in entirely on their own phone.

No Hardware Required

Setup and run VPass without costly tablets, printers, badges/lanyards.

Unlimited Locations

Sign in quick wherever a QR code poster is placed.

Sign In Kiosk Optional

A dedicated Location for a Kiosk Terminal can still be used. In addition, it's compatible with Android, Windows tablets/Computers and Apple iPads.

Build Your Own Setup

Configure your account Forms & Visitor Types to meet your needs.

T&C’s, NDA’s

Have visitors made fully aware of conditions of entry, evacuation procedures, inductions etc.

The quick sign in system with a difference

The visitor’s smart phone is now their very own quick and safe sign in device. Therefore, instead of purchasing expensive tablets, security stands, printers and printer consumables, VPass gives you a cost effective means to manage visitors.

Additionally, you have the flexibility of setting up as many sign in points as you like.

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Visitor Sign in System Overview

Where do you need VPass Sign In Kiosk to work?






House of Worship



How it works...

Contactless Visitor Sign In
Contactless visitor sign in with phone
VPass Virtual Visitor Badge

1 Visitor Scans QR Code
Scan the VPass QR code at the premises you are visiting with your mobile phone.

2 Today's Visit
  • Photo capture if requested.
  • Answer questions specific to the day’s visit.
  • Agree to terms and conditions.

3 Virtual Badge
The safe sign in is complete. Consequently, the VPass App on your phone displays your visitor badge for today’s visit.

Try a sign in yourself

Scan the QR code with your phone to do a test sign in.

1. Scan

Firstly, open your mobile phone's Camera App and scan the QR code adjacent. Then click on the web browser link to open the Welcome Page.

2. Select Visitor Type

Next, you are now ready for your first sign in at Acme reception. Therefore, select your Visitor Type (For example, Visitor or Contractor).

3. Complete The Sign In Forms

The organisation you are visiting may require a selfie as part of the sign in ...and questions specific to your visit such as terms & conditions to agree to ...or a COVID-19 questionnaire.

4. Thanks For Signing In

After hitting the "Submit" button, you are signed in. Your virtual badge appears on your phone's screen.

5. Signing Out

Finally, when you are ready to sign out, open the same browser page in your phone and tap the blue "Sign Out” button. Your camera comes up... scan the adjacent QR code to close your visit.

QR Code Poster Multiple Sign In Locations

Most importantly, safe, contactless sign ins with VPass protect your visitors and employees during COVID-19

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