Create a Visitor Type

Having a range of Visitor Types will allow you to customise the sign in experience for each. These might include Visitor, Contractor, Staff, Regular Visitor, Contract Relief Teachers, Volunteers etc. 

When creating your Visitor Types, it’s best to create a full complement at this stage, as it will allow you to apply the various sign in Forms to the relevant Visitor Type as you create your Forms.

1. Go to your Admin Setup page (cog icon).

2. Select Visitor Types.

3. A demo Visitor Type has already been setup. To customise this to your needs, select the three dots on the right hand side. A small menu will come up. Select Edit.

4. If wishing to create a new Visitor Type from scratch select Add New Type.

A sidebar will appear on the right hand side.

5. Name your Visitor Type eg: “Contractor”

6. If wish to use the badge printing feature, turn it on here. For further instructions on how to setup your printer, please refer to this help article.

7. If the Visitor Type does not require a sign out time to be collected, you may set it as Sign Out Only. This might be good for students leaving early etc.

8. Set the time for an Auto Sign Out. For Visitor Types like Staff, Contractor etc. this might be 5pm or at the very end of the day (11.59pm).  


To select an Auto Sign Out time, click on the “–:–” icon in text field (9). 

10. A popup time selector will appear.

Let say for example you wish to select an Auto Sign Out time of 11:59pm.

11. Firstly choose the hour as “23”.

The minutes selector will appear. Rotate the minute hand to “59” (12).

The sign out time is now set to “23:59”. Select OK (13).

14. The Auto Sign Out time is now recorded as “23:59”.

15. Optionally, enter an email address that will be notified when a visitor signs in under this Visitor Type. Comma seperate multiple emails. 

16. If wishing to use this Visitor Type for pre-registered visitor sign ins, enable the feature here. You will now be able add Registered Visitor records for this Visitor Type on your admin People page. More info here.  

17. To complete the process, select Update.

18. The new or updated Visitor Type will appear in the listing.