Recommended Account setup procedure

Your admin Setup page looks like this…

This PDF will give you an overview of how a VPass account is structured.

The steps of setting up your Account are best done in the following order:

1.Organisation: Upload logo.

2. Site & Locations: Create your required Sites (eg: a campus or building) and Locations (points of entry where visitors or staff enter or leave a Site). Next create your QR Code Posters (one for each Location) for use at the various entry points. As a fallback, tablet Kiosks may also be setup at a Location.

3. Visitor Types: Create a full complement of the various Visitors Types that will be visiting your premises. These might include Visitor, Contractor, Staff, Regular Visitor, Contract Relief Teachers, Volunteers etc. Creating a full list of Visitor Types at this stage will allow you to apply the various sign in Forms to the relevant Visitor Type as you work through Step 4 (below).

4. Forms: Use the form builder in this section to specify the questions that will be asked when a visitor signs in. This may include:

  • The makeup of the Visitor’s Profile. This Profile is a set of questions the prospective visitor answers (once) when creating their Profile, such as First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, ID Card#‘s etc. Once created, the responses are saved for all future sign ins – thus streamlining the process in future.
  • Photo
  • Signature
  • Additional questions relating to their visit today eg: person visiting, Covid-19 screening etc.
  • Read and agree to documentation such as Terms and Conditions, Entry Instructions, Evacuation Procedures etc.