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£ 0 Free
  • 1 Month Data Storage.
  • 1 Admin User.*
  • 1 Site.
  • -
  • 1 Visitor Type.
  • -
  • -
  • 2 Locations.
  • -


£ 31 Billed Monthly
  • 6 Months Data Storage.
  • 3 Admin Users.*
  • 1 Site.
  • Photo Capture
  • 5 Visitor Types.
  • Badge Printing
  • -
  • 5 Locations.
  • Kiosk App.


£ 50 Billed Monthly
  • 12 Months Data Storage.
  • 10 Admin Users.*
  • 2 Sites.
  • Photo Capture.
  • 12 Visitor Types.
  • Badge Printing.
  • Email Notifications.
  • Unlimited Locations.
  • Kiosk App.




  • Custom Data Storage.
  • Custom Admin Users.*
  • Unlimited Sites.
  • Photo Capture.
  • Unlimited Visitor Types.
  • Badge Printing.
  • Email Notifications.
  • Unlimited Locations.
  • Kiosk App.
*Admin users additional to the Account Owner.
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Customise the Visitor Sign In Experience

Build visitor sign in Forms from a wide variety of elements to collect the information you need.

Organisation logo and branding.
Create custom Forms.
Build your own questionnaires.
Host/employee email notifications.------
Badge printing.---
Customisable sign in steps.
Visitor types with separate sign in steps.1512Unlimited
Kiosk App (iPad or Android).---
QR code & PIN code sign in.------

Keep Your Visitor's Informed

Display important information as text on screen, an image, pdf or document file.

Emergency evacuation images and info.
Display your Wi-Fi access details to visitors.
Inform visitors of emergency evacuation procedures.
Communicate entry instructions to visitors.
Present health and safety info to visitors.
Show school or business condition of entry info.

Visitor Sign In App

Creating a VPass Profile (Sign In App) on your phone, pre-fills your details at sign in. Consequently, the sign in experience is streamlined. Moreover, use this same Profile at any school or business using VPass. 

Contactless QR Code sign in technology.
Locations for signing in/out.15UnlimitedUnlimited
Secure two factor authentication for all visitors.
Universal sign in at all VPass kiosks or QR codes.

Admin Dashboard

See at a glance who is on site. Even sign visitors in and out on their behalf.

Unlimited visitor sign ins.
Admin users.1310Unlimited
Cloud data storage.1 Month6 Months12 MonthsCustom
Photo capture (phone or kiosk). ---
Organisation sites.113Unlimited
Custom reporting and data filtering.
Visitor sign in data exports.
Signatures for NDAs and T&Cs.
Emergency Report List.------
Visitor sign in and out from dashboard.
Reports page record tagging.------
Deny Visitor Sign In.
Covid-19 Vaccination Status.------
ID Check------